For many people, finding their perfect perfume is a very personal, and oftentimes elusive journey. Your scent is your signature by which friends and loved ones recognise you, so it is no wonder that you want to ensure you well and truly find ‘the one’.

KDJ Inspired is a family run business with a passion for perfumes at affordable prices. On our website, we have compiled ‘Notes’ with all the ingredients in our perfumes and split them into groups. The 9 groups of scents – animalic, berries, citrus, flowers, herbs and fougerès, resins, spices, sweets, and wood – have been created as a starting point for customers to explore our perfumes.

Once you click on an ingredient within a group, you are led to a collection of perfumes which contain it. We encourage customers to explore new ingredients which they have not thought to try out before, particularly if it falls within a group which they already know that they like. For example, if you already know that you like floral scents, then consider trying out something new, such as African violet, myrtle, or Indian patchouli. Even if you do not want to commit to buying a whole bottle, many of KDJ Inspired perfumes can be ordered as a tester.

After you have ordered some samples, we recommend trying out 3 at a time, you should try it out on your skin. The scent of a perfume varies from person to person due to factors such as the pH of their skin, temperature and even hormone levels.

If you would like to check out the ‘Notes’, then head over to We have Free UK shipping and a 100% refund policy on all orders. At KDJ Inspired, we are here to help you find your signature scent.

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Just like everything in life, fragrances have gone in and out of fashion throughout periods of history. Art movements and a shift in societal values both have a profound effect on the popularity of a scent. Today, we will be giving you a whistle-stop tour of perfume throughout history.


The word ‘perfume’ is derived from the Latin word, per fumus, meaning through smoke. In the early days, fragrances were typically incense based and the art of making perfumes was first refined by the Romans, Persians, and Arabs.

The 50s

The 50s were epitomised by Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art, with a tendency towards mood and colour over traditional mediums and forms. Nica Ricci L’Air du Temps became a defining fragrance of the era. The floral perfume captures a moment in time and remains popular to this day.

The 60s

The Swinging Sixties was the decade of counterculture and love. The fragrance, Aramis, represents masculinity with notes of citrus, leather, and oak moss. It embodies the casual approach to life of this period and was notably worn by The Beatles.

The 70s

The dubbed, Me Decade, represents a period of individualism and is associated with the rise of the band, Queen. Paco Rabanne Homme rose to popularity as an aromatic and airy fragrance. It has a clean and natural feel and is still very popular to this day.

We hope you enjoyed learning briefly about the history of perfume. If you want to explore the scents we mentioned in this article, then check out our collections on the site. We have free delivery and a 100% refund policy on all orders. What scent do you think is epitomised by this current period of history?

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Have you ever wondered why a perfume can smell great on your friend, but when you spray it on your skin, it just hits different? If so, then do not fret- this is completely normal. The way a perfume’s scent varies from person to person is largely down to body chemistry.

Factors affecting scent

The way a fragrance smells depends on the pH of your skin, which is why one scent never is the same on any two people. Other factors can also play a role, including body temperature, diet and even your hormone levels. Having a body lotion on your skin and its condition – oily, dry – will also impact how your body reacts to the application of perfume.

Advice from the experts

When it comes to testing a fragrance, the best way thing to do before testing it out is to ensure your skin is clear of any body oil or scented lotion beforehand. Spray the perfume directly onto your body, instead of using a tester strip.

We also recommend testing the fragrance on the outside of your forearm, as the skin is thickest there, so your natural scent will not be as overpowering.

Order testers of some perfumes you want to try out from our website and get spraying! Remember that we have free UK shipping and a 100% refund policy on our orders. At KDJ Inspired, we are here to bring you designer scents at affordable prices.

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