What does Sandalwood Smell Like?

Sandalwood comes from trees with heavy yellow wood. It is likely to hold its smell for decades. Sandalwood, by its name, has a woody fragrance, fitting for both masculine and feminine scents. It is one of the most profound ingredients, commonly used as a base note in major luxury brand perfumes. Other than using it for its fragrance, sandalwood is antiseptic as well. 

Why is Sandalwood Expensive? 

Sandalwood oil is an essential oil used in fragrances, cosmetics, and even mild flavoring in foods. It is 50-60% concentrated, depending on the species or the tree’s age. Sandalwood is expensive because it’s rare due to high demand. Mainly Indian and Australian sandalwood is used widely. However, due to excessive smuggling, the Indian government takes over all the plantations. Another reason why it is expensive is, sandalwood takes time to get mature enough so that the high-quality essential oils can be extracted. This elegant and delicate ingredient has Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi origins.  

What does sandalwood smell like? 

The scent is warm and smooth, which goes well with a variety of top notes. It’s subtle and profound with no bright or bold tinges. Sandalwood is also used for aromatherapy as its scent is calm and soothing. Ideally used for winter fragrances, sandalwood gives depth to a scent that lingers an eternity. However, pairing it with fruity or floral scents will give a fantastic summer fragrance. The sensual feels of sandalwood give a perfume the subtle notes of a little sweet yet creamy touch. 

Because of warm base notes, sandalwood works well with other spicy and earthy notes. Some of the sandalwood perfumes with such notes are: 

Vodka on the Rocks – By Killian 

With just the spicy top notes and all the woody base notes, vodka on the rocks have a teeny tiny bit of sweet rose scent, making it a whole clump of aromatic fragrances. Sexy and elegance is what it smells like. Find a similar note perfume at KDJ Inspired. 

Santal 33 – Le Labo   

this scent feels like a warm snuggle under a soft blanket on a chilly winter night. Sandalwood, cardamom, leather, cedar, and amber blended for a pleasant experience all day long.

Other than all the subtle notes, sandalwood can be a great combo with top fruity and floral notes. Following are the sandalwood perfumes with sweet scents. 

Chanel no 5 by Chanel 

Chanel no 5 is one of the classics in the perfume industry. The vibrant notes make it refreshing in the start; as it fades, the woody notes appear for a longer time.

A Goodnight Kiss – Roja Dove 

The sweet, powdery scent of all the floral notes gives a vintage feel. It’s soft as silk and light to wear—ideal for wearing from morning till evening for a fresh smell.

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5 Secrets Of How To Choose A Fragrance For Someone Else

Perfumes are a very personal choice, yet they are a popular gift forever. Choosing the right perfume for someone could be a job. But, a little effort and your loved one will be over the moon. This could be a way to express how you feel or think of someone as a person. A good perfume can be a great gift to even those not very fond of wearing scents. Whether you feel it or not, picking a fragrance for someone is a sign of affection. Follow these tips and help your way out. 

1. Find out what they already use.

If you are super close to that person, chances are you might already know what their signature scent is. For a person who is crazy about fragrances, gifting them their signature perfume would be the best. 

Even you have no idea about it, try finding what type of scents they usually wear. You can easily find a similar one on your website. Search through the scent notes.

2. Consider their personality.

Make a sensible choice while picking a fragrance. A fragrance has the power to transform your persona. For example, the citric, fruity scents can be a good pick for someone with a bubbly personality. Like, Kdj Inspired – Unisex (0580C), inspired by Pomegranate Noir.

While some deep, mysterious personalities would prefer more subtle woody and musky notes. Like, Kdj Inspired – Women’s 240C, inspired by Santal Blush.

A sharp, bright personality would be inclined towards Oriental fragrances, present in Kdj Inspired – Women’s (0183S), inspired by Opium.

Yet, an artistic soul would like some greens. A fresh, lively scent would be Kdj Inspired – Women’s 069C, inspired by Daisy spring. 

3. Subtle floral scents are easy

Sometimes it’s hard to judge people by how they look. A person could be an introvert, and you wouldn’t know their likes and dislikes. That’s where floral scents come to the rescue. Flowers can never go wrong. Choose a subtle floral perfume with a powdery note. An example could be KDJ Inspired – Women’s 159C. Miss Dior inspires this scent.

4. Consider the concentration guide

The higher concentration of oils, the stronger the scent. For people who don’t like much attention, lower concentration products would be ideal. Consider buying them colognes or body mists. Sweet-smelling lotions could be a good option too. 

Even if someone is not allergic to overpowering fragrances, some people might feel dizzy and nauseous too. An oil diffuser can be a great gift for such people. Choose lavender, vanilla, or tea tree scents. These work best for aromatherapy. Follow the link to buy one,

5. Maybe go for a popular scent.

Choosing a perfume for someone else is more complex than it sounds. If nothing works, go for a trending fragrance. You can find the most popular designer perfumes recreations here at KDJ inspired. Look for your choice of perfume by browsing through the Fragrance Houses. Follow this link for a shortcut,

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Everything to know about the warm & sweet smell of vanilla

Indigenous to South and Central America and the Caribbean, vanilla is a popular spice in terms of taste and smell. Be it ice cream or a desert, body lotion, or perfume, vanilla is widely used as an ingredient. In addition, with a wide array of uses, vanilla is used for aromatherapy—the calming effects of its scent help with high blood pressure and a relaxing good night’s sleep. Not only adults, but it can also calm newborn children.

First used by the Aztec Indians of ancient Mexico in the 15th century, vanilla and chocolate were introduced to Europe in 1520. In the 19th century, the French transported it to the island of Réunion. Soon, the orchids were sent to Madagascar along with the manual regarding its pollination. After multiple climatic disasters in Madagascar, Indonesia became the largest producer of vanilla in 2018.

Why is vanilla so expensive?

The word vanilla comes from the Spanish word vainilla, meaning “little pods.” Vanilla comes from an orchid plant, and only one type of orchid grows vanilla beans. Each flower is hand-pollinated, which makes it a grinding task. Not only this, once the beans are harvested, the crop is dried with care. This whole process takes up a year time.

Around 80% world’s vanilla used to grow on an island in Madagascar until recently when hit by a tropical cyclone. Due to the gap between demand and supply, prices for vanilla beans went up to $600/kg. This makes vanilla the second most expensive spice after saffron.

This is why the estimation of 95% of vanilla products are artificially flavored instead of vanilla beans.

The sweet and warm scent of vanilla

While vanilla is a popular flavoring in commercial or domestic baking, we cannot overlook its sweet, warm, and welcoming scent. It can be used both in a feminine or a masculine fragrance. In addition, a vanilla fragrance can be both comforting or erotic, depending on the paired-up ingredient.

The blend of vanilla with higher fruity notes and musky ground notes makes Black Opium by YSL a sensual yet energizing fragrance. While base notes of vanilla with warm heart notes of chestnut and Gaïac Wood in Replica By the fireplace makes this perfume a comforting memory in the woods.

Other warm and sweet vanilla perfumes which give you a mouth-watering aroma are,

1. Oud Satin Mood by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

2. Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

3. Vanilla Fields by Prism Parfums

4. Gypsy Water by Byredo

5. Replica Coffee Break by Maison Martin Margiela

6. Halfeti Leather by Penhaligon’s

Substitute to vanilla

A gross way to imitate vanilla is to extract a chemical compound from a beaver’s castor sacs. This chemical compound is called Castoreum.

Another way to imitate vanilla in perfumes could be the use of synthetic vanillin. Some people might find the difference between natural and artificial, most won’t. 

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The Many Scents of Rose – The Queen of All Flowers

Thinking of “Roses,” a sweet floral and fresh fragrance pops in our senses. The aroma of Rose is implied to be a feminine one. This might be true with several genres of roses but not all. Some species of roses have an unmistakable citric tinge, some are woody, and some with a dash of spice.

Roses have an immense diversity of fragrances and have the ability to exquisitely fuse with another citrus, floral or woody scents.

The name “Rose” is derived from the Latin word “Rosa.” In Roman methodology, the goddess of flowers ordains the rose as the “Queen of flowers.” She named the flower rose upon her son, Eros, the god of love. For forever, roses have become a symbol of love and romance. Just like a rose ultimately dies, it signifies ‘love until death.’ Beautiful, isn’t it?

Roses are native to China but started spreading wide throughout the world. If we talk in terms of colors, roses have a wide variety. Although, not all roses are used in perfumes. Following are some breeds used for the scent of roses, alongside perfumes with rose notes present:

Bulgarian rose

Bulgarian roses have a mix of honey, cinnamon, green leaves, and a hint of raspberry. The range of scents present in this single ingredient is astonishing. It has both sweet and spicy notes. The rose oil produced by Bulgarian roses is quite expensive, as its extraction process is complex. You can find Bulgarian rose in LES SABLES ROSES by Louis Vuitton. This mash-up of oud wood and Bulgarian rose is as intoxicating as a freshly made delightful desert.

Damask rose

Rosa damascene, also known as Damask Rose are known for their pleasant fragrance. Cultivated only for commercial use, these flowers are used in perfumery extensively. The smell can range from sweet floral to lemony spicy, depending on the soil. You can find Damask Rose in Rose Noir by Byredo. This scent brings out the dark side of the Damask rose, blending it with low notes of moss and musk.

May Rose/ Grasse Rose

Rose De Mai is exclusively harvested in the month of May, hence the name May Rose. They are cultivated in the Grasse region of the south of France. The fragrance is sweet, with uncommon honey and green hints. You can find Rose De Mai in Rose Prick by Tom Ford, inspired by a garden of different breeds of roses.

White Rose

White Rose smells similar to violets and has a peppery aroma of nasturtium. Some White roses are hybrids, while others are wild, which can be found in White Rose & Lemon Leaves by Jo Loves. The name itself states the subtle scent of white rose with middle notes of lemon peel. It is a concoction of light, spicy and lemony rose scents.

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Why do perfumes get discontinued, and how to replace your late favorite scent?

Perfumes have a relatively long product life cycle, but this doesn’t mean that they can dodge it. Like every product which enters the market, perfumes have to go through the introduction, growth, maturity, and decline stages. Some fragrances achieve a second life after maturity, and some get discontinued entering the decline stage. There could be a million reasons why companies choose to discontinue a perfume, and some are as follows:

Why do you think designer brands launch new fragrances every now and then? To generate revenue out of it. Perfumes meet their fate and discontinue when they fail to do that. Companies would never linger on with a perfume brand which is just a cost over them. Moreover, launching new fragrances every year makes less space for the previous ones. Sometimes, companies also choose to discontinue the least profit-making product.

Besides, fragrances often go outdated. This could comprise of whether the formula or the scent itself goes out of fashion. However, revamping them means incorporating a significant cost. Therefore, a cost-benefit analysis is done to conclude whether to discontinue the fragrance or not.

Other than that, perfumes that include natural ingredients can face scarcity. Some components are cultivated mainly to be used in perfumes. Because they are rare, there is a high risk of them going scarce. Once an ingredient is at risk of being endangered, obtaining them becomes expensive. Hence, lower profit margins or even losses.

On occasions, the government also bans some ingredients for society’s betterment. The EU commission once prohibited the use of oakmoss to avoid potential allergies among the customers. The trade of natural Musk, a widely used ingredient in perfumes as a base note, is controlled by CITES to preserve male musk deer. Companies then prefer to discontinue a fragrance.


Getting to know that your signature scent has been discontinued can be devastating. Finding a replacement perfume can be an overwhelming process. Even if the keynotes are the same, the concentration might make the scent different. Not to worry because we have got back. KDJ Inspired replicates designer fragrances, which means we also recreate discontinued perfumes. We can make your haul for your signature scent very easy as we have a variety of discontinued perfumes inspired by famous designer perfumes.

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Replica Perfumes online – the myth explained

Replica Perfumes online – the myth explained.

Have you ever heard of replica designer perfumes? Replicas are thought to be copy or cheap quality, fake designer perfumes. Well, this is a myth, and here is your guide to understanding what replica perfumes really are.

Some people believe cheaper products are low quality, which is somehow true, but replica perfumes don’t cut their cost by providing cheap quality; instead, they spend only on the product itself, which is the fragrance. The reason why replica perfumes are not pricey is that they keep their packaging lowkey. The branded perfumes have fancy packaging, and obviously, they charge for it. Replicas, on the other hand, have decent bottles with equally impressive fragrances inside. At KDJ Inspired, we believe in providing a standard product and not charging extra for fancy-looking products. 

People tend to believe that the replica is a cheap copy of a designer perfume, which is not true. KDJ inspired scents are our own fragrances. The ingredients are the finest, and no cheap quality product is used. The perfumes are made with layers of notes; top, middle and base. Would you please search through our website and take a look at the scent notes used in our perfumes? Top brand perfumes inspire them to provide you with amazing scents at low prices. They have similar notes to famous designer perfumes. The fragrances are oil-based, and most of our perfumes are Eau de Perfume, making them smell stronger and last longer. 

You can also find fake designer perfumes online, which are extremely low in cost. The catch here is just the low prices, but they don’t give quality. They sell in the exact name of a brand and similar packaging but are cheaper in quality. You can tell they are fake just by looking at them or maybe taking a sniff. Fake or copy perfumes do not have layers and have a flat scent. Replicas are different and do not compromise on quality. They also sell with their own brand name and do not use a designer brand name, which is illegal.

If you still have doubts regarding replicas online, you can give our testers a try. Our sample pack comes with four different testers in 3ml bottles to choose from. Please search through our fragrance houses to have a look at what designer brand perfumes we are inspired by.

Tips for finding an authentic replica perfume

  1. Look for stores that are selling perfumes with their own brand name and recipes.
  2. Look for honest online reviews before buying.
  3. Do not buy perfumes with a copy brand name of luxury perfume. For example, you might see a slight spelling or font difference.
  4. Look out for frauds. If you find a branded perfume at cheaper rates, know that it is fake. 
  5. It is far better to buy replicas rather than copies because their formula is not made to last long. In addition, they only offer the top notes, while replicas have a proper layering formula. 
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Top 10 long lasting perfumes


Appeal with your looks and charm with your scent from dawn till dusk. A long-lasting perfume should be on your go-to list. Here are some everlasting fragrances:


Bloom is a floral blend. The three notes consist of unique smelling flowers: Tuberose, jasmine, and the solid fruity smell of Rangoon Creeper- a unique flower cluster native to Tropical Asia. Being true to its name, this perfume will make you smell like a vivid garden all day long.

Buy at much economical price.


The paradox of much darker notes of patchouli and ginger, with lively smelling jasmine, orange blossom, and tuberose, makes this scent divine. The poles apart ingredients define femininity along with its dark, gloomy side.

Buy at much economical price.


The top notes of the lustrous fruity mandarin make this scent bright and vibrant, while the velvety, rich cashmeran wood form a musky fragrance.

Buy at much economical price.


The sleek and courageous scent of Black opium gives modern-day lady vibes. The energizing black coffee and warm vanilla make it deep and powerful. With some fruity and floral notes, this scent is known to have two sides.

Buy at much economical price.


Black orchids are a symbol of exotic and sensual feels. The fusion of dark berry fragrance of black currant and deep chocolate and vanilla notes emphasize passion and confidence.

Buy at much economical price.


This scandalous scent is for that uber chic, the witty lady who knows how to carry herself. The addictive floral tendency makes her “the talk of the town.” The harmony of orange blossom, jasmine, and tuberose enchant the people around round the clock.

Buy at much economical price.


This scent will make you fantasize about west American masculinity. The warm spicy scent compliments not only men but also women who desire freedom. The leathery, musky notes with a touch of violet sink in, triggering all your luscious longings.

Buy at much economical price.

8. Lancome La Vie Est Belle

La Vie Est Belle Soleil Cristal allures you towards happiness. The multiflorous pumps up your ordinary routine life into delightful memories. The bergamot, pink pepper, jasmine, patchouli is a blissful mashup to bring about the most lovely self in you.

Buy at much economical price.

9. Marc Jacobs daisy love spring

You would find yourself in a daisy field and lush greenery. The subtle milky fragrance of fig and fig milk defines a rich yet calming effect.

Buy at much economical price.

10. Mugler angel nova

The fruity burst of raspberry, along with notes of lychee, makes a luxurious blend. Finally, Angel nova settles to be a powerful, feminine scent that sets in motion female self-assurance.

Buy at much economical price.

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Why your Perfume Doesn’t Last Long?


That one unique selling point of perfume should be how long-lasting it is. Nobody would want to re-apply perfume every hour. Still, many perfumes fail to achieve that, or maybe the fault is in how you apply it. Below are the main reasons why your scent doesn’t last long.

The legitimacy of a perfume.

Do your research beforehand when buying a perfume. Look out for its ingredients and whether the company is selling what it actually claims. In that case, we have got your back! Here at KDJ inspired, you get the authenticity of the ingredients used in our perfumes, which makes them long-lasting.

Fragrance concentration guide.

The fragrance element in a perfume comes from perfume essence, which is then mixed with alcohol and water. The concentration of perfume essence prompts the longevity of a perfume.

This concentration guide varies differently from brand to brand, but a typical guide could be:

1.       Extract – 30-50%

2.       Perfume – 20-30 %

3.       Eau de Parfum (EDP) – 8-20%

4.       Eau de Toilette (EDT) – 4-8%

5.       Cologne (EDC) – 2-4%

6.       Body cream/lotion – 3-4%

7.       Aftershave/mists – 2-4%

The higher the percentage, the longer the perfume will stay. So, the next time you opt for a scent, do consider this concentration guide and smell like a goddess for a longer time.

Consider the Notes of a Perfume.

The perfume consists of 3 notes, top, middle and base notes. Each note has different ingredients which make up the fragrance of perfume as a whole. What you smell immediately after spraying a perfume are the top notes. The middle notes take time to develop after the top ones are faded. The base notes are what you smell after few hours. Once the top notes (the brighter ones) are faded, people tend to believe that the perfume just lasted a few hours. This happens because the base notes are subtler.


Common mistakes while wearing perfume are:

1. Rubbing your wrists together will break the top note molecules of the perfume, making it fade away fast.

2. Dry skin would not lock the fragrance in the skin. Make sure to moisturize before applying. You can use Vaseline or any non-scented lotion.

3. Perfume on clothes doesn’t last long. So instead, spray it on your bare skin. Then, for much better results, apply to your pulse points. The science behind this is, your pulse points are warmer, and fragrances react better to heat.

Body odor.

Every human being is different, so is their body chemistry. Perfume reacts differently on every skin. The same perfume can smell differently on other persons as they have different body odors. This is what makes a scent your unique “signature scent.”

Weather and choice of perfume.

The fruity and citric scents work great in the summers as the heat enhances them. On the contrary, the heavier woody notes are for the colder months. These scents fade away quickly during a sunny day.

Keep these in mind, and make your perfume last long the whole day.

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Which Replica Fragrance is Right For You?


The idea behind the Maison Margiela Replica scents is distinctive. They replicate the familiar aromas of places, scenes, or even locations. Replica perfumes have the power to instantly take you back through flashbacks and summon happy memories. Whether you are a beach person or an introvert being lazy on a Sunday morning. Whether you like jazz or you are just a bookworm in a library, Replica Fragrances cover a wide array of possibilities. Some of the best Replica perfumes can wind up into the following,

1. Beach Walk

Who doesn’t like walking by the beach while the cool breeze gently blows, giving the seascape a fresh and lively feel? Replica Beach Walk will nudge all those impressions you have of beaches on a summer day. The scent is a bit feminine, with lustrous notes of bergamot, coconut milk, pink pepper, and ylang-ylang. This perfume is a must in everyone’s perfume collection who loves the soft sand and the salty water of beaches.

2. Jazz Club

What comes to mind when you think of jazz clubs? The armchairs, mocktails, cigars, and of course, jazz music. Replica Jazz club is what all these things smell like. The scent is mainly masculine, with base notes of tobacco leaf and warm vanilla beans. The top and middle notes of lemon, pink pepper, and rum signify the intoxicating scent of cocktails being served.

3. Lazy Sunday Morning

My ideal Sunday morning is clean linen bedsheets gentle stoking around my skin, with a subtle floral aroma filling the room. Replica Lazy Sunday morning would want you to have a Sunday morning like it throughout the week. With no deep undertones, Replica Lazy Sunday morning gives you a sense of comfort and purity.

4. Springtime in The Park

Spring is undoubtedly the best season of all. The warmth of the sun, after an extremely long and cold winter, feels like heaven. Just like it, Replica Springtime in the park replicates the blossoms in its scent. This sweet, floral, and fruity fragrance will definitely make a romantic evening unforgettable.

5. Coffee Break

Nothing can beat those chilling winter days with a cozy sweater in a warm coffee shop filled with the addictive aroma of coffee beans and vanilla. Replica Coffee break will take you down the memory lane of those days. With sweet top notes, this scent captures the aroma of sweet and savory delicacies.

6. Wicked Love

Replica Wicked love reflects the passion between two lovers. This sensual and seductive scent acts as a spark and thrill. The floral tones of rose and jasmine clones a subtle, romantic bond, while the cedarwood and white musk signify a fierce one.

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Just like any other accessory, perfumes are an integral part of a women’s attire. As a result, you feel positive and assertive about yourself.

People tend to have their “signature scents,” but finding one can be an overwhelming experience. It not only depends on one’s liking, but it should also compliment your persona. However, choosing a fragrance can be a personal choice, or one can go for the all-time favorite scents. Here’s a list to help you with your spree.

1. Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir Cologne

Pomegranate Noir Cologne is one of those fragrances which you might get obsessed with. It is a lightweight scent with sweet fruity and bright top notes of exotic pomegranate. The Guaiac wood, with its soft, rose-like odor, perfectly balances with Casablanca lily.

2. REPLICA By the Fireplace by Maison Martin Margiela

Just as the name suggests, this fragrance will take you to a cozy scene of a crackling fire. The warm scent of orange blossom with cloves and pink pepper contrasts as hot and cold. The warm and hot place by the fire and the cold breezes outside during snow, this scent is capable to teleport you back to a thousand memories with your loved ones.

3. Jimmy choo by Jimmy choo

“Jimmy Choo” is Jimmy Choo’s original fragrance which gives out a style statement. The scent is classy; the bottle and the packaging will give you a sense of empowerment. The top notes of orange and pear nectar, along with the heart notes of orchid, will bring out a mysterious yet confident woman in you.

4. Black Opium by YSL

Yves Saint Laurent introduced Opium in 1977, followed by Black Opium in 2014. The dazzling bottle gives out positive and energetic vibes. The combination of bright mandarin essence, cozy vanilla, and energizing black coffee becomes addictive. This one is for women who want to achieve the world and are passionate.

Miss Dior dates back to seventy years. It was a tribute to Christian Dior’s sister, Catherine Dior. Miss Dior Eau De Parfum is crafted to be a sensual floral scent to bring out those feminine traits in a woman. The sweet, strong, and honey-like scent of Grasse Rose compliments the top citric notes with Rosewood’s subtle, spicy touches.

6. Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford

Velvet Orchid is an Amber Floral scent, which perfectly harmonizes with the bergamot, mandarin orange, and black orchids. The ground notes, vanilla, and sandalwood give the fragrance its warmth and spiciness. Elegance and grace are basically synonyms of this scent.

7. SÌ by Giorgio Armani

SÌ in Italian means “Yes,” which is the whole idea behind this fragrance. This sweet floral scent gives you the confidence to yes to every challenge you face as a woman. The blackcurrant liqueur provides the smell with a fresh and tangy touch, while the patchouli and oakmoss uncover a green and soft fragrance.

8. Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

The vibrant orange and bergamot are the keynotes, which make a woman feel fresh and carefree. The composition consists of floral notes of rose and jasmine and much warmer base notes of white musk and vanilla for a bold and luxurious personality.

9. Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

The name itself identifies the warm and spicy tones in the perfume. The tobacco with creamy vanilla and cocoa equates to the spicy notes of ginger. This one is for all the modern women of today’s world who are courageous and knows how to speak up for themselves.

10. Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

Launched in 2005, Flowerbomb has a sharp fruity scent from mandarin and bergamot. The floral aroma comes from the rose and jasmine. Once the top and middle notes fade, the amber and patchouli from beneath creating a captivating fragrance.

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