What Are Perfume Notes?

Let’s refer to the perfume notes as ‘ingredients’ to understand the structure of a fragrance. There is a range of notes that famous luxury brands and perfumers experiment with. They create any scent you like, including coffee, baby powder, and even freshly-cut grass. Although there are no restrictions on the number of notes that can be used to create a fragrance, all scents (even the most basic) must contain at least three notes. The uniqueness of each scent is created by the individual arrangement of these notes, also known as the fragrance pyramid.

Top Notes:

The top notes are apparent the moment you spray the perfume on a card or onto your skin which will be your first impression of the fragrance. It usually contains bold and fresh notes from citrus, fresh herb, or fruit families. They quickly evaporate and last for about 10-15 minutes once you inhale. Of course, they don’t stay around, but they do give you the ‘love-at-first spray’ feeling that sets the tone for everything to come.

Typical top notes: Citrus element, light fruits, fresh herbs

You can find such prominent notes in the following perfumes,

  1. Kdj Inspired – Unisex (0370C) having similar notes of Tom Ford’s Mandarino Di Amalfi.

Top notes: Lemon, Grapefruit and Black Currant 

  1. Kdj Inspired – Women’s (0741S) having similar notes of Jo Malone’s Grapefriut. 

Top notes: Grapefruit and Tangerine

  1. Kdj Inspired – Womens 069C having similar notes of Marc Jacob’s Daisy.

Top notes: Wild Berries and Thyme

Heart Notes

The heart notes, or middle notes, emerge once the top notes have faded. These notes are typically floral and full-bodied. They are more lasting than the top notes but less than the base notes. These notes are the heart of the fragrance, and your catchy chorus you can’t stop singing!

Typical heart notes: Floral notes apart from spring flowers and fruity notes except watery and juicy fruits.

You can find such prominent notes in the following perfumes,

  1. Kdj Inspired – Women’s 159C having similar notes of Dior’s Miss Dior.

Middle notes: Centefolia Rose and Egyptian Jasmine

  1. Kdj Inspired – Women’s 013C having similar notes of Mugler’s Angel

Middle notes: Red berries, Plum and Peach

Base Notes

The base (or bottom) notes of a fragrance are what remain after it has settled for about an hour. These notes have a long-lasting staying power. You may find that many fragrances use the same base notes. This is because there are fewer notes that can be used on the skin to last hours. These notes can double up to increase top and heart notes’ staying power and complexity or a zesty scent with a woody base.

Typical base notes: Amber, sandal and cedar, oakmoss, patchouli

You can find such prominent notes in the following perfumes,

  1. Kdj Inspired – Men’s (0707S) having similar notes of Prada’s Amber

Base notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli

  1. Kdj Inspired – Men’s 025C having similar notes of Creed’s Aventus.

Base notes: Amber, Cedarwood, Oakmoss

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You need to be familiar with all the available perfume types in order to choose the best one. You might be inclined towards a fragrance, like florals or orientals, that will come naturally. However,  you must also have a sound knowledge of types of perfumes, when choosing a signature scent for yourself or for someone else.

The scent and quality of a product don’t change by having different types. It simply indicates the volume of fragrance oils held in the perfume. Here is a comprehensive overview of all the types of perfumes, and this guide will make it easy to choose the perfect one.

Types Of Perfume:

There are five main types of perfumes that differ in their fragrance oil concentration. 


Parfum has the highest concentration of fragrance oil. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive. Parfums are 15 to 40% concentrated with fragrance oils, which makes it stronger and richer.

Eau De Parfum

Eau de parfum is 10 to 15% concentrated. They have a lower oil concentration than Parfum and have higher alcohol and water content. However, Eau de parfum remains a strong perfume and can last up to 6-8 hours. Eau de parfum and parfum are different in a way of their oil and alcohol concentrations. 

Eau De Toilette

Eau de toilette usually has 4 to 15% fragrance oil concentration. Due to its lower fragrance oil concentration and higher alcohol content, it lasts between 2 – 4 hours, so you’ll need to reapply it now and then. 

It is light weighted, making it a good choice for office wear and any other occasion where you shouldn’t smell offensive. In addition, Eau de toilette can be used in warmer seasons, such as the spring and summer.

Eau De Cologne

Some people feel nauseated by some headache inducing fragrances. Eau de Cologne is the best option for such people, as it is a much more diluted version of a perfume. Therefore, colognes have become more masculine over the years. However, you can still find some feminine fragrances listed under Eau de Cologne, containing a 2 to 5 percent fragrance oil concentration. It has a longevity of 2-4 hours.

These diluted colognes and fragrances are cheaper than much stronger types of perfumes. Many expensive perfumes with an “eau-de-cologne” feature are usually marketed as an after-shave or body splash for men.

Eau De Fraiche

Eau de Fraiche is also known as perfume water. It is the cheapest and most concentrated type of perfume. Typically, Eau-de-Fraiche has a concentration of 1 to 3 percent in the fragrance oil. This ultra-low fragrance oil concentration and high alcohol content mean that Eau de Fraiche usually evaporates in an hour to two hours. It works best during the summer or hotter days like at a gyn or a beach day. 

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Fragrances are just like music and are made up of many notes. For anyone who loves fragrances, mastering the notes of each scent is essential. Understanding your scent notes will help you find the right fragrance for you. Michael Edward, a British fragrance expert, invented this method in 1983. A method for describing perfumes includes the use of fragrance notes. These notes describe fragrances that are able to be detected when perfume is applied to skin.

Let’s take a look at these categories and how they can help you find a great scent:


Floral perfumes make up the largest group of all the types of perfumes. They are inspired by sweet-smelling flowers such as roses, orange blossoms or gardenias. Floral perfumes are romantic and sweet-smelling. They can contain one note or a combination of notes from different flowers. Floral fragrances can be very feminine and are a classic choice for perfume lovers who desire a feminine scent.


Citrus-based perfumes contain the essence of citrus to give a tangy feeling. These scents are lively and ideal for people with bubbly personalities. Citrus fragrances can be made from mandarin, lime, tangerine, and tangerine. Some may even have sharp, tangy notes. Citrus fragrances are great for daytime use as they give off a natural refreshing sensation. They are also known to blend well, giving women a soft scent that can be worn easily.


These Woody fragrances are characterized by a combination of wood and moss. They are also known as chypre scents. This perfume is very soothing due to the use of citrus, oakmoss and patchouli. Chypre fragrances are usually for women, and sometimes unisex. These types of fragrances are often used by corporate workers and have a strong, classical appeal.


Oriental perfumes combine earthy and musky scents. Oriental perfumes often contain ingredients such as amber, musk and animalistic base fragrances. These perfumes can be used to seduce or attract attention to someone special. This perfume is perfect for a romantic evening out or with a special friend.


Because they have the scent of freshly mown grass and fresh leaves, green fragrances can be a great choice for casual day events. Green perfumes are sporty and, in most cases, unisex. These perfumes should only be worn for casual occasions or events.


Oceanic fragrances, which are a newer type of perfume, contain synthetic aromas that resemble the scents of clean linen and mountain air. These perfumes can be used for official events and job interviews.


These perfumes have kitchen scents such as cinnamon, ginger and cardamom. These spicy fragrances are said to be rich in exotic scents, and can feel luxurious in an old-fashioned way. These scents are great for casual events and brunches.

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There is an interesting fact about the sense of smell that a reaction occurs in our brains when we smell a particular scent. The part of the brain that deals with emotions is directly affected by our sense of smell. You can create any impression that you want based on your signature fragrance. This is where the moment of logic stops working. This means that any associations we have with a particular smell come to the surface and we respond accordingly.

A man’s choice of a scent is often influenced by his personal experience also reflecting his lifestyle. It’s not difficult for men to stay with the things they love for years. But why follow the crowd? Why not get out of our comfort zone and make a lasting impression? Why not get rid of all the colognes that every guy uses? It’s important to stand out from the crowd and be notice. 

 Let’s find out how a man chooses his signature scent to make it possible.

Which Impression Would You Like To Make?

The decision to choose the right shoes or outfit is just one part of the equation. You need a cologne to match the image you are trying to create. A sweet, citrusy scent will tell you that you like fresh smells but don’t have to be too vocal about it.

A bold, spicy, masculine cologne, on the other hand, says “I’m strong, masculine, and don’t mind being different.”You will want to be distinctive and subtle when you are at work. Do Not go for loud, attention seeking fragrances nor the ones who people usually smell everywhere. You need something stronger to go out with friends for drinks, dinner, or on a date but avoid overdoing it.

Look for

There are a few things to consider when choosing a signature scent. Your age is the first. Your maturity level and stage should reflect your sense of smell. It’s time for a change if you still use the same cologne you used in university a couple of years ago.

Consider whether you will be buying one cologne and not a seasonal collection. Or using a cologne that is relevant throughout the year if you consider the one-cologne approach. You will need to adapt as the weather changes. Like, you’ll need something richer and spicier in the winter months and you may go lighter and sweeter during the warmer months. Remember that lighter-bodied fragrances tend to fade quicker. They will need to be reapplied at least once per day.


  1. Body Sprays! Unless you want to smell the same throughout the day. Do not be afraid to spend a bit more on a high-quality cologne. If you only use 2-3 sprays per day, a bottle will last about a year. It will be worth it and you will have more options.
  2. Avoid buying anything that is marketed as a “bestseller”. These colognes have been a hit and are still very popular. If your goal is to make people feel like you, and stand out as a confident, unique man, then it’s best not to use these colognes.
  3. Once you have chosen your signature scent, there are a few things to avoid. One of the most common is spraying cologne on clothes, rather than directly on the skin. This is a mistake, as it doesn’t allow the fragrance to fully interact with your body oils or soak into your pores. It  prevents the fragrance from developing throughout the day.
  4. Heavy amount of cologne is another mistake to avoid. You only need a few moderate sprays each day to get through the day.

By now, you should now have an idea of what a signature scent is. Your cologne should reflect your personality. It should also be versatile enough that it can be worn both at work and out with friends.

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While it’s not a requirement to wear perfume, eau de toilette, or cologne, many men swear by it. Your scent will leave a lasting impression, even though it is important to look good. Ask another person to go on a date.

There is nothing more overwhelming than being welcomed by a new fragrance in a department store. It’s unlikely that you will be able to distinguish between five different fragrances even if you can get through the gaggles of sprayers and test strips. Before you purchase your first fragrance, it is important to research the market and seek out recommendations. You can then test several samples on your skin with patience.

Following Are The Tips To Help You Choosing Your Fragrance:

  • Many men mistakenly use the terms aftershave and perfume interchangeably. However, these terms refer to the fragrance’s concentration levels which ultimately determine how long a scent lasts. The weakest fragrance, an Eau Fraiche, lasts for 1-2 hours. Next, you will need eau de parfum, eau toilette, Eau parfum, and finally parfum. These scents will continue to fill the room well after the last orders. This sliding scale can be adjusted to suit your needs (and budget), so you can choose whether you want a quick post-shower spritz, or an all-nighter for weddings and parties.
  • A PHD in perfumery is not necessary to create a great fragrance. However, it helps to understand how they are made. The majority of traditional men’s perfumes are made up of three layers. These are the top notes that you will smell first. However, they quickly fade and give way to the middle notes, which last slightly longer, before being replaced by the base notes. You’ll be able to find new fragrances if you pay attention to the notes that are frequently found in your favorite scents.
  • Using perfume for an occasion is just as important as dressing appropriately. You don’t have to worry about all the fumes. Each fragrance is classified into a “family” which can be used to indicate when it’s most effective. A light citrus scent with neroli would be appreciated by colleagues at work, while something earthy and musky is almost always the best choice for a date.
  • You must wear the fragrance to properly shop for it. Scents can change over time and react differently to different body chemicals. So what smells great on blotting paper might not smell the same on you. Limit your testing to four, even if your goal is to create a signature scent you love for the rest of your life. You can spray one on each wrist, one on the inside of your elbows, and let them develop for three to four hours. Then, pick the one that smells the most roses.
  • It can be difficult to find a scent that will last, with so many relaunches, remixes, and rebottling taking place every year. While you should always choose a fragrance that suits your personal tastes, it’s a good idea to stick with the old favorites if you don’t want to smell like the latest trend. It’s hard to find a cologne that hasn’t made it into the grooming halls of fame, such as Terre d’Hermes, Dior Sauvage and Bleu de Chanel.
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The significance of wearing a cologne is not a new idea. However, your whole attire lacks attractiveness and desirability without a few spritzes of a mind-blowing fragrance, which then softens into your skin and mingles with your natural body odor, creating a unique scent that exclusively belongs to you. By now, I might have given you anxiety, and you might be thinking choosing a perfume is a troubling task. That surely is! But ‘how to apply cologne’ is an equally important question. 

Respect your nose when deciding on a perfume. Your first instance of choosing a cologne should be what you like and what you don’t. I have seen many men being picky about their fragrance, which is a good thing, I must say. However, there is a catch here. What you smell immediately after spraying a cologne are top notes. These notes disappear only after 5-15 minutes. After which emerges the heart notes for about two to four hours, ultimately reaching to base notes that last for more than four to six hours. There is a high chance of you buying a cologne by liking the top notes, but as time goes by and the base notes reveal, you might end up hating it. To overthrow this problem, follow this simple step: keep in mind the notes’ hierarchy, spray a couple of spritzes. Give the fragrance time to develop. Fortunately, if you are at a mall or a mart, grab a coffee or maybe window shop here and there. Smell it again after some time and notice the difference. If you still like how the fragrance matured, buy it. 

But what if you are shopping online? That will be a blind buy. In that case, you need to have a little more understanding of the scent notes available in different perfumes. You can play safe with some classic names and brands, such as Aventus by Creed cologne. If not, learn about the olfactory notes of the perfume you are thinking of buying. You will discover different ingredients in top, middle and base notes. These notes will help you determine and have an idea of what the perfume smells like. 

Some online stores also sell sample packs, which can be of great help. So you can not only test the smell but also test the longevity and sillage of the cologne. 

Once You Have Chosen The Fragrance, Now Comes How To Apply Cologne:

  1. Wear your cologne right after taking a hot shower, once you are dry and clean. 
  2. Choose your pulse points to apply your cologne. Do not spray undirected; you will be wasting your cologne.
  3. Male fragrances are deep and intense. Spraying a lot of it can be overwhelming and will result in an unpleasant aroma. So, less is more.
  4. Avoid applying to clothes as they may wear off after some time. Instead, use it on your bare skin and watch it magically turns into a unique blended fragrance. 
  5. Your cologne might not last up to your 9hr work shift or a full-day picnic. Consider reapplying after few hours. 
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  1. Ange Ou Demon Le Secret By Givenchy For a Romantic Nightout

Auge Ou Demon has prominent notes of citrus and tea that are vibrant, bright, and refreshing. It’s definitely a romantic night fragrance, with only a minimal makeup look of pink lips and cheeks. It’s as intoxicating as red wine and as clean as a glass of champagne. You can find a KDJ Inspired – Unisex (05751S) perfume with similar notes. 

  1. BOSS Orange For Formal Wear

BOSS Orange is a sophisticated and classy scent that is perfect to wear at work. It’s fruity and fresh initially, and it becomes a bit spicy towards the end, having notes of pepper and apple. But the dry down is warm and subtle vanilla. You can find a KDJ Inspired – Women’s (0053S) perfume with similar notes.

  1. Peony Blush Suede By Jo Malone For An Ideal Signature Scent

The scent opens up to the light and airy notes, with fruity floral hints of peony and a red apple. Its heart consists of delicate and gentle notes, which are very close to what your bare skin might smell like. It’s a contemporary scent with a long-lasting life. You can find a KDJ Inspired – (0197S) perfume with similar notes.

  1. Jasmine Rouge By Tom Ford For a Daylight Wedding

Jasmine Rouge is rich and dense but not too strong and overpowering. The scent is pure jasmine and is in a straight line until the very end. While you might think of it as a scent for nighttime, however, the experience of smelling its fresh aroma during the sunshine reveals its true power. You can find a KDJ Inspired – Women’s (0124C) perfume with similar notes.

  1. Kilian Women In Gold For a Outdoor Wedding At Night

The scent is strong yet not overly attention-grabbing. It’s impossible to miss the mark by wearing this fragrance. It’s a luxurious, elegant scent and classy. You can find a KDJ Inspired – Unisex (0395S) perfume with similar notes.

  1. C’est La Vie Belle Lancome For a Sunday Brunch

It’s lovely and feminine yet not overpowering, great for summer days. The base is a bit creamier with vanilla and praline. You can find a KDJ Inspired – Women’s (135C) perfume with similar notes.

  1. Dolce And Gabbana Light Blue For Sunny Beach Day

Lemone serenade starts out sharp. It then becomes fresher and dulls in its sharpness. After approximately one hour, it becomes slightly citrusy. It is refreshing and energetic and makes you feel more youthful. You can find a KDJ Inspired – Women’s (141C) perfume with similar notes.

  1. Note Di Colonia I – Acqua Di Parma As a Unisex Fragrance

Note I has a fresh opening blend of florals, citrus, and sweet musk, infused with floral components that provide the scent of an Old World feel to what is clearly a distinct scent. You can find a KDJ Inspired – Unisex (0478S) perfume with similar notes.

  1. Gucci Bloom For a Summer Day Out With Girls

The fragrance erupts into an explosion of flowers. A unique expression of fresh ingredients from around the world creates new olfaction experiences. Pure Tuberose Absolute from India is blended with pure Jasmine absolute. You can find a KDJ Inspired – Women’s (042C) perfume with similar notes.

  1. Mon Guerlain For a Chilly Winter Day Out 

The two words that describe it are sweet and soothing. It’s beautiful and lasts for an extended period of time. It smells like a warm hug. Jasmine and vanilla are becoming sweeter with time, and therefore storing them for colder weather is the best choice. You can find a KDJ Inspired – Women’s (0161C) perfume with similar notes.

  1. Baccarat Rouge 540 For a Formal Meeting

Baccarat Rouge 540 is mostly skin-scented and is able to last throughout the day. It’s a sophisticated scent, and you’ll be able to appreciate it more when you wear it for a long time or a few times. You can find a KDJ Inspired – Unisex (028C) perfume with similar notes.

  1. Marc Jacobs Daisy For a Poolside Picnic 

Warm notes of vanilla and bright notes of strawberry lift and brighten your picnic experience just a bit. In addition, you can find a KDJ Inspired – Women’s (069C) perfume with similar notes.

  1. Lady Million For Night Out At a Club

It is a combination of raspberry and jasmine. It then fades to a faint patchouli amber along with white honey. It lasts for a long time, so you can dance throughout the night and still have a wonderful scent. In addition, you can find a KDJ Inspired – Women’s (085C) perfume with similar notes.

  1. Armani Si For a Coffee Date

It is among those scents that alter with warmth. It’s a strong scent in the summer months, and you can also sense the woody smell. But, it is only one spray because it’s powerful and can be cloying. You can find a KDJ Inspired – Women’s (244C) perfume with similar notes.

  1. Black Orchid For Office Party

The scent of Black Orchid is intense and timeless, and it is comparable to the most exquisite creations of the most famous perfume houses. It’s a luxurious and romantic scent. On the other hand, Daisy reflects a sweet, welcoming scent that isn’t offensive in any way. It’s a soft cloud with an intense, dark trace of black orchids, spices, and. It is contemporary and timeless, lasting, and is a well-known scent. In addition, you can find a KDJ Inspired – Unisex (037C) perfume with similar notes.

  1. Chanel Chance For a Walk In a Springtime

 The mix of floral notes and spicy compositions makes for an intense feeling of freshness. It isn’t sweet patchouli but rather a fragrance that smells fresh and spicy, like the scent of pink pepper. It’s bold and adventurous for a girl who loves to play yet sets the other players’ rules. You can find a KDJ Inspired – Women’s (0142C) perfume with similar notes.

  1. By The Fireplace For a Chilly Winter Night

It’s got a gorgeous smokey, beautiful scent. It is a powerful, confident, beautifully blended fragrance providing a warm feeling as if you’re wrapped in the comfort of a blanket. You can find a KDJ Inspired – Unisex (056C) perfume with similar notes.

  1. Chanel No 5 As a  Perfume Suitable For Throughout The Year 

It’s difficult because everybody smells it differently. Some prefer floral scents, and others prefer a more floral or animalic fragrance. It is a blend of vanilla, rose amber, violet, amber violet, lemon, sandal and Iris. You can find a KDJ Inspired – Women’s (0176C) perfume with similar notes.

  1. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle For a Cosy Dark Evening 

This timeless style of clothing is classical and contemporary, with an edge of modern. It’s sophisticated and mature. It’s not too intense or overwhelming, but it is surprisingly clean and silky with a hint of soft sweetness and warmth. Impressive sillage. You can find a KDJ Inspired – Women (0281C) perfume with similar notes.

  1. Gypsy Water For Countryside Road Trip

The scent is a delightful and warm fragrance. It is a comforting, warm scent. The opening of this fragrance is captivating. It’s a tart and lemony mix of juniper and pepper. However, it’s mostly lemon. It’s incredibly creamy due to the combination of vanilla and sandalwood. In addition, you can find a KDJ Inspired – Women’s (0281) perfume with similar notes.


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Mind it or not, men are extremists in doing whatever they are supposed to do, even when using perfumes. Either they will empty the whole bottle or they won’t even bother to wear any. Some men are so naive about fragrances that they can not even differentiate between a body spray and a perfume. For them, applying more than a half bottle of scented gas spray is equal to applying a sophisticated men’s perfume, which should be used in a minimal quantity. 

If you are a guy reading this and got offended by this, don’t. Take this as an opportunity, and learn to smell like a Greek God. This article is a guide to all your questions regarding men’s perfume and cologne.

Difference Between a Perfume And a Deodorant

Deodorants are both linear fragrance formulations that mask body odour. They smell exactly the same from beginning to end. Some have active antiperspirant ingredients that reduce sweat production. Spraying deodorant body sprays all over your body is possible. Perfumes on the other side are dynamic formulations that can be simple or complicated and can change from one end to another. Apply perfumes to the pulse points of your skin, such as the wrists and inside of the elbows. The body heat aids in the diffusion of the fragrance. You can also spray perfumes on clothing. The lower concentration versions should be used in the morning/day and the more concentrated versions in the evening/night. 

Some important rules

The body is where perfumes should be worn. Generally, the pulse points are located inside the wrists, behind the ears, and back of the neck. The body’s warmth makes perfumes bloom to their fullest potential. The warmth of perfumes applied to clothing will not be felt, and the lingering effect that is usually desired will be diminished.

Choose the perfect perfume for men

It is difficult to choose the right perfume for a particular occasion. Many fragrances can be classified into different categories or facets. A perfume is a blend of these classified ingredients which belong to some specific facets like, floral, woody, fruity or fresh sea notes. After a few trials, you will be able to determine which type of notes you prefer. They should feel good on your skin and compliment your personality.

You should also consider the occasion, season and mood. It is important to carefully consider the fragrance you will wear to work and to the beach.

  1. At Work: Don’t over-spray your perfume at work. You can choose fresh cologne or aromatic sporty fragrances that contain citrus, mint, or rosemary.
  2. For a romantic date, woody scents are the best.
  3. Party: Choose a fragrance that highlights your individuality and shows off your masculinity. Because they contain warm, captivating notes of patchouli and vanilla, musk, amber, and musk fragrances are your best options.
  4. Brunch: An enjoyable morning that allows you to relax. To feel a holiday-like calm, choose a marine scent with aquatic notes.


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What Is The Secret To a Good Scent Profile?

The fragrance is closer to the skin than clothing, so it should feel safe, comfortable, and fun. However, it can be challenging to know where to begin when choosing the right fragrance for you. Understanding the basics of scent chemistry is helpful when trying to navigate the confusing space between fruity florals and something warm and woody.

Three distinct notes are used to describe a scent: top, middle and base. When combined with your body chemistry, these three elements create an entirely unique signature scent.

As your brain processes the scent, each note can become stronger or more prominent at different times. Volatility is a measure of how fast the fragrance compounds evaporate from your skin. This allows you to distinguish between notes. You will notice a more volatile note more quickly than it will evaporate from your skin. However, less volatile scents are more challenging to detect but can last longer.

The volatility of top notes is higher. They have a more significant impact but less staying power. Top notes are a quick first impression. These notes are often described as sharp or fresh and reminiscent of citrus (think orange zest), grapefruit (grapefruit), or herbs like rosemary.

It is also known as the “heart” or middle note. The middle note develops after the top note is gone and tends to be slightly more intense. Thus, mid notes help to reduce the initial intensity of the scent. You can think of jasmine and rose as standard middle notes as they are charming to the nose and pair well with a deeper base, such as vanilla.

The base note becomes more prominent in the fragrance once the middle note has started to fade away. Because of its low volatility, it is the strongest and lasts the longest. A base note is what gives a scent its depth. Base notes are often rich and heavy scents such as cedarwood, vanilla, and vetiver. Base notes last longer than the other two and help complete the scent by combining all of the notes in a pleasant and complementary way. Balance is the key to creating a pleasant blend of top, base, and mid notes.

Fragrances are like us; they also have families. As with any family, there can be many members to each one with different personalities. Let’s take a look at it. 

Aromatic: Use lavender, rosemary and sage. It is intensely herbal, mildly spiced, and lightly sweet. Combination with citrus is common.

Bright and Fresh: The top notes of citrus scents include bergamot and lime, as well as orange zest and lemon.

Exotic: Rich, warm and a bit spicy. Ylang ylang, a classic, exotic flower, is sweet and floral. It’s pleasantly strong.

Delicate Floral: It’s exactly what it sounds. Soft florals include jasmine, geraniums and roses. This family is fresh and effervescent. It smells like a bed made of flowers with a dusting powder.

Sweet: Also called gourmand. Delicate and sweet scents that smell just as good as the taste. They often contain an edible component.

Earthy + Woody: Warm, mysterious, sharp and resinous. Consider deep base notes such as cedarwood, sandalwood, and vetiver.

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If you think that people don’t care about how you smell, you’re wrong! Smelling nice and good is part of your whole personality. Not only the visuals make you presentable, the odor plays a part too. Well, if that‘s not convincing and you are more of a rebel who doesn’t care about what people think, know that smelling good makes you feel confident. Also, the right fragrance can attract a ton of attention which your black silky satin tuxedo might miss. 

By now you might be wondering what could be the “right fragrance”. Hold on to that thought because the more important question is “How?”. How to choose the right fragrance? 

The first step in choosing the right fragrance is to determine who you are buying the scent for. If you want to buy it for yourself, you need to ask yourself a few questions. What perfume is right for me? What perfume suits me? What are my preferences? Which notes of perfumes I already have and which I don’t have yet? 

Choosing a perfume is a very intimate and personal choice. People might end up wearing clothes which they don’t like. But it’s very rare and unusual for people to wear fragrances which they don’t like. You need to think deeply into what you admire and what you don’t, before deciding on what perfume you should buy. 

One more thing to consider is the genres of perfume you already own. Not every perfume is appropriate for every occasion. Like , there are different notes for summer and winter fragrances. Similarly you can’t wear a vibrant fruity fragrance at a nighttime wedding but it can be worn at a Sunday brunch. Having a perfume wardrobe with similar fragrances doesn’t make sense. You need to place in order all your needs. In opinion, a person should have 4 perfumes to use accordingly. A much lighter and airy office wear fragrance. A bright and fun fragrance for all your summer activities. Some rich and classy notes for evening wear and an intense seductive scent for a date night. To have some more clarity on this, below are the heads which basically sums up every scent note used in perfumery. 


Floral notes sums up all the types including soft floral and oriental floral. Soft floral is powdery and delicate while oriental florals are intense, rich and more sensual. Jasmine, Tuberose, Peony, White rose belong in the soft floral category while oriental floral includes exotic flowers like bulgarian and black rose, orchids, lavender and orange blossom.


Woody notes are mossy, dry and oriental. Mossy wood includes oakmoss, patchouli and all the green earthy notes. However, dry woody scents have vetiver, cedar, tobacco or leather. The oriental woody notes are sandal wood and rosewood.


Fresh notes are either citric, aromatic or green. Fresh citrus includes fruits like grapefruit, mandarine and lemon. The aromatic notes have rosemary, sage, cumin. Lastly, the fresh green notes are of violet leaf, mossess or notes which are light and crisp.

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