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The perfect perfume, minus the price-tag

About Us

Inspire your senses with Inspired Scents

The right fragrance has a powerful impact on those around you. A scent can change the mood of a room from exotic to calming, spicy to cool and can change the feeling of harsh coldness to a tropical warm flavour. It doesn’t have to be seen but you’ll know it’s there. An aroma is powerful tool, like an icing to cake it won’t only look the part but smell the part. A well suited odour will boost your confidence, letting you clinch that deal in the boardroom or impress that loved one.

Be the SCENTer of Attention

KDJ inspired have been carefully developing fragrances based on some of the world’s most iconic perfumes and aftershaves. Using NEARLY 100% the same ingredients as the big brands; we have recreated inspired smell from popular fragrance to aromas of yesteryear. That means you never have to lose your favourite perfumes or worry about discontinuation.

Best of all, you can have premium aromas without the premium price tag, slashing the cost so you can select your favourite fragrances to your heart’s content. You can order a tester from any of our popular ranges all the way up to a 330ml.

Inspired Perfumes, Inspired Prices. Be KDJ Inspired.

Cant find your scent? Just ask!