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Fresh Fragrances

Indulge in the essence of nature with our fresh fragrances. Fresh fragrances usually contain citrus, water, and green notes, making them refreshing, zesty, and vibrant

Floral Fragrances

Experience nature's beauty with every scent of Floral Fragrances, delivering the fresh and captivating aroma of blooming flowers

Oriental Fragrances

Experience the allure of the East with our captivating Oriental fragrances, crafted for the modern connoisseur. Oriental fragrances are warm, sweet, and even sometimes spicy

Woody Fragrances

Embrace the richness of nature with every woody note. With a subtle, enchanting, and soft seducing scent often exerted as base notes in particular. They are an excellent choice for evening events and chilly winter days.

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We are a family run clone house with a love for perfumes and saving money. All our perfumes are legal dupes NOT illegal fakes. They are oil based and inspired by the top brands at a fraction of the price. We are up to 95% cheaper than the high street, so if you like designer scents but not the price, we got you covered!

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